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Domaine du Gourmet

Specifics:Weddings at Domaine du Gourmet 2018 A wedding at Domaine du Gourmet in summer (May, June, July, August, September) costs 10 625 €. This includes private use of all reception areas: garden, terraces, courtyard, terraces, restaurant, etc. Security is included in this price. Facilities can be made available the day after the wedding until 5 p.m. for 1250€. Cost of the meal, wine, drinks is additional. No requirement on time celebration must end but music should end at 4:30 a.m. Reception MAX 110 people. There are wonderful spaces both inside and out for your wedding festivities. There are a required number of nights stay depending on the season, and the additional cost per night varies by season. Lodging for 22 adults and 4-6 children in a luxury hotel accommodation is included in this amount; there are 11 double rooms plus one room lodging 4 people. One night minimum is allowed in April and October (except Easter week-end); then the cost per night is around €4750. Cost of lodging can be partially or entirely charged to your guests. The other months of spring and summer require varying number of nights at €6125 per night. Lodging for 24 included. Rooms generally available by 3:30 pm; check-out at noon. Total Cost: you add the cost of the wedding to the nightly cost times the number of nights required. • 2 nights minimum in May (except Ascension) • 2 nights minimum in September • 1 night minimum April and October • 3 nights minimum in June • 3 nights minimum during Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost • 4-7 nights minimum during July and August, depending on the date. Around July 14 - the big French holiday, a week's lodging is required. A one night minimum is allowed during the week from Monday through Thursday, except for Easter Ascension, and Pentecost week-ends and in July and August.) The Domaine generally requires the use of its own chef; this is quite common since venues like to have a chef who knows the kitchen. There is a wide choice of dining options at the Domaine: rehearsal or welcome dinner, welcome drink, cocktail receptions, variety of meals, children’s meals, BBQ buffet, night buffet, midnight bar, next day brunch. There are options available within each category. Please ask for pricing.