Just Dordogne

Just Dordogne


Steve and Natalie – our first year with Emotional Escapes

Natalie and I joined Emotional Escapes just over a year ago.  Like many couples we work hard and look forward to our leisure time which, for us, means regular trips to the Dordogne in France.  In fact we love it so much that last year we were lucky enough to purchase a traditional French farmhouse in the region.  Now we have homes in the UK and France!

Hand-held ‘self portrait’ on a crisp morning on our very own Dordogne estate


Dream jobs rarely present themselves but, when they do, you have to seize the opportunity.  Emotional Escapes business founder, Tim, was clearly taken with our enthusiasm for France and the Dordogne and was keen for us to become involved with the business.

Whilst we both still need to work full time at present we see a bright future with Emotional Escapes over the long term, representing and running the Dordogne region for the business.  It’s hard work balancing the jobs at the moment but it’s proving so rewarding.  Already we have met charming people who own stunning properties.  Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves that this really is a job, as we drive around the sunny Dordogne countryside on our way to the next breathtaking property, to be given a personal guided-tour.  And sometimes lunch and glass of wine!


justdordogne_launchWhat really impressed us though is the core values that are central to the success of Emotional Escapes.  There is no compromise on quality, insistence on personally viewing of all the properties and commitment to top-rate customer service.  It’s a refreshing antidote to the large, impersonal travel agencies or the lumbering, bargain-basement ‘owner direct’ websites.  It’s the personal touch.  We want to work for an organisation that believes in these things.

The goal now is to significantly grow our portfolio of properties over the next 12 months and start to introduce those who want to experience the charm and delight of the Dordogne to some truly fabulous holiday properties.

And if it proves to be half as successful as Just Provence, you never know, the day jobs may become a thing of the past.

We still can’t quite believe it!

Stephen & Natalie


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