What’s new on the Emotional Escapes site.

The Emotional Escapes website new features


Find all our destinations through one site.

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The major advantage of the new emotional Escapes site is that you can now access our all portfolios by hovering your mouse on the “destinations” bar at the top of any page. A menu opens offering all the available destinations.

New search options

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You can use the search button to open a scroll down bar offering you to not only select your requested date and capacity but also some essential features of the property. this feature changes depending on the destination you are searching through.


Direct access to regional information

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Over the years  we have come to realize that the location of a property is just as important as its commodities in the choice of a luxury holiday rental. Therefore we  have put a lot of effort in being as informative as possible in our property descriptions, you can now have direct access to information about the area in which the property is situated.

Property Reviews

When choosing a holiday rental it is often helpful to have insight into past experiences which is one we have added a review feature which presents reviews from past guests to the properties we promote.







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