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Crillon-le-Brave ~ 4 km
Saint-Pierre-de-Vassols ~ 5 km
Flassan ~ 6 km
Mormoiron ~ 6 km
Modène ~ 7 km
Beaumont-du-Ventoux ~ 7 km
Malaucène ~ 8 km
Caromb ~ 8 km
Le Barroux ~ 9 km
Mazan ~ 9 km
Villes-sur-Auzon ~ 9 km
Blauvac ~ 11 km
Entrechaux ~ 11 km
Malemort-du-Comtat ~ 11 km
Saint-Hippolyte-le-Graveyron ~ 12 km

These "Demoiselles Coiffées" are one of nature's wonders hidden near Bédoin. Extremely fragile by nature the local authorities do their best to preserve them.

Bédoin sits at the bottom of the Mont Ventoux in an area known as the Comtat Venaissin which was from 1274 until 1793, like Avignon, property of the popes.

Although not formed of a whole united geographical entity, it included mainly the valleys between Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail. Villages as far north as Montelimar and south as Bonnieux in the Luberon were also part of the Comtat.

The region includes many perched villages who have kept their traditional winding streets and ancient buildings such as Le Barroux, Crillon-le-Brave or Suzette. But also important market towns like Carpentras which are full of historical monuments and colourful stands.

Staying in a Just Provence luxury rental property in the Comtat Venaissin means you will be in a independant cultural niche in the middle of Provence. The area is historically rich and offers fantastic hiking and cycling opportunities thanks to its natural features.

It is a very agricultural region famed in France for its fruits and olives, but is world renowned for its wines of course.

Bédoin, is a wonderful market town that lives up to all expectations of a Provencal village. The culture of vineyards in Bédoin is documented as far back as the Romans. Partly famous for the 50,000 well-wishers cheering the path of the Tour de France some years, and partly for its summer car rallies, it holds something for everyone. Climbing the Mont Ventoux, whether on foot, on motorbike or cycle, or even skiing down it in winter, is a major draw of Bédoin.

The town itself has been a centre of wine production since the Roman times. The history of the town itself is worth discovering as you visit or should decide to stay in a Just Provence luxury rental. It was a martyr town of the French Revolution, having been burnt to the ground and slaughtered by the revolutionary troops in 1794.

Bédoin shelters one of the biggest municipal forests of France. It spreads out on more than 6 300 hectares, with more than 1 200 botanical species. It is surrounded by vineyards, orchards and woods.

There are numerous cafés and restaurants for all budgets, cyclist shops and antique shops.

Activities include skiing in winter, mini golf, cycling, walking and hiking with a guided night climb of Mt Ventoux for the fittest among you or the most adventurous. There are equestrian centres and even a famous naturist camp nearby.

The Bédoin market is one of the finest in Provence and takes place every Monday. It is enormous and parking is provided in a field outside the town with a short walk into the village.

The Tour de France regularly stops in Bédoin, making the town a popular starting point to any ascension of Mont Ventoux.

A view of the Mont Ventoux taken from the property called Château de Crillon at Crillon-le-Brave.
The village of Bedoin can be see in the centre right of the photograph.


This terraced vineyard is situated on the Madeleine, a range of hills just behind Bedoin in the foothills of the Mont Ventoux.


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