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The village of Grignan, in the South of France, sits on a low hill and is dominated by the superb renaissance castle for which it is famous.Although a small village, Grignan has a choice of restaurants,cafés and amenities as well as a rich cultural heritage to discover.



Grillon 4 km
Montélimar 25 km
Nyons 23 km
Orange 45 km
Vaison-la-Romaine 30km
Saint Paul-Trois-Chateaux 17 km
Valréas 9 km
Avignon 90 km
Valence 77 km

The bases for the present castle can be dated to the 12th century, it was built to serve as a defensive fortress. The medieval castle was remodelled by Louis Adhemar, governor of Provence in the 16th century. François de Castellane-Adhemar (husband to Françoise de Sévigné) turned it into a sumptuous chateau in the late 17th century.
Like so many other castles in France it was burnt down and destroyed during the French Revolution, it was reconstructed in the early 20th century by Madame Fontaine who spent her entire fortune to restore the castle to the luxurious standard that had inspired Madame de Sévigné.

source Jean-Louis Zimmerman

The hill Grignan sits upon has been occupied since the Iron Age but it is around the 11th century and the construction of the tower that would later become South Eastern France's largest renaissance castle that the village of Grignan entered History.

The village steadily grew under the influence of the local noble family before becoming the quaint perched village we know today.
Modern day Grignan has a selection of hotels, restaurants and summer festivities.
Weekly market is on Tuesday mornings with extra evening markets held during the summer

The village of Grignan and its castle were made famous by visting Madame de Sévigné (1626-1696) who staid there whilst visiting her daughter during three visits between 1672 and 1696. She is regarded as a major contributor to French literature after the highly successful publication of her 30 year letter correspondence with her daughter in Grignan and her recounting of the time she spent there.

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