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The Cotes-du-Rhône producing town of Laudun-l'Ardoise has a rich historical heritage and sits conveniently in the heart of Roman Provence, making it a perfect platform from which to discover Provence's wines and rich history.


Le Camp de César is an ancient city spread over 40 acres. It is well preserved and near Laudun since the inhabitants moved down into the valley around the 6th century.

One can visit the city's walls which date from the 5th century BC, the town center with administrative buildings is dated around 100 AD and the necropolis dates from the 6th century AD. It also has remains of a roman church and monastery.

If you pass there during the summer soltice you might spot the legendary golden goat guarding its antique treasures...

Laudun-l'Ardoise is situated in the departement of the Gard but is recognized as a Côtes-du-Rhône village. Laudun is a relatively large town which dates back to Antiquity but moved into the valley in the high Middle ages, abandoning the Camp de César Plateau.

Laudrun's history through the ages follows Provence's ups and downs from arab invasions in the 8th-10th century to the French Revolution.
The legend of the cabro d'or (the golden goat) situates Hannibal's treasure near Laudun and intermingles various historic events that took place in the area. It is worth noting that the future king Louis XI of France received the then reigning king Charles VII in his castle in Laudun.

Laudun has everything one would expect from a traditional Provençal village, a good wine production and a wide range of commodities. It is, thanks to the nearby motorway, near Avignon, Orange and Uzés. Which gives you a fantastic range of cultural activities to choose from.

Laudun itself has a rich heritage from its roman oppidum, the 18 hectare Camp de César which has ruins dating from the iron age to high Antiquity. Two castles can be visited in Laudun, including the impressive Chateau Lacours and its water filled moat.

The largest town near Laudun is Orange, which offers a wide selection of commodities from shops, cafes, restaurants and some of the best preserved roman buildings in Provence and Europe.

The antique theatre hosts each summer various festivals with a large choice of musics from rock/Pop to operas and choirs from around the world. The rest of th year also sees many cultural events held in the modern indoor theatre.

Staying in a Just Provence holiday rental in Cairanne not only means you will be close to all the best wineries in Provence but also in the heart of the Gallo-Roman Provence and a region bustling with cultural events.


List of properties in this location :

Mas des Couleurs

• Sleeps 14
• 7 bedrooms, ensuite
• 17 x 6m heated pool
• Air conditioning
• Wedding venue

Price guide: 9,310 to 14,630 € / week

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