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Le Barroux

Formerly Just Provence, Emotional Escapes presents Le Barroux, an ideal vacation rental location in Provence, South of France.


Le Barroux sits at the southern edge of the hills between the Dentelles Montmirail and the hills of Mont Ventoux, and all of those hills have good hiking trails.

One hiking trail leaves the village to the west, crossing low hills and fields. The trail branches about 4 km out, with one branch continuing west to Beaumes-de-Venise and the other going north to the hamlets of La-Roque-Alric and Lafare. Either branch will take you up to the top of the Dentelles and eventually on to Gigondas.

A trail goes north from Le Barroux, about 4 km through fields and woods and past a monastery, to join with the east-west GR4 hiking trail .
To the east, the GR4 goes past Malaucène and into the mountains of Ventoux.

Since the early 1980s, Le Barroux has two monasteries which although modern have been built according to the exact specifications of medieval architectural regulations.

The Abbaye Sainte Madeleine and Abbaye Notre Dame de l'Annonciation are very active monasteries with over 40 nuns and monks each. As you visit them you can enjoy their beautiful centuries old gregorian liturgy there and visit their stores to bring back some of their own produces such olive oil, wine or jams.

It is worth noting the nuns at l'Abbaye de l'Annonciation won a record deal with Universal Music in 2010 after being elected the best gregorian choir in Europe.

Caromb ~ 3 km
Saint-Hippolyte-le-Graveyron ~ 3 km
La Roque-Alric ~ 4 km
Suzette ~ 5 km
Modène ~ 5 km
Lafare ~ 5 km
Crillon-le-Brave ~ 6 km
Malaucène ~ 6 km
Saint-Pierre-de-Vassols ~ 6 km
Beaumes-de-Venise ~ 8 km
Crestet ~ 9 km
Beaumont-du-Ventoux ~ 9 km
Bédoin ~ 9 km
Aubignan ~ 9 km
Mazan ~ 9 km
Carpentras - 10km
Avignon - 35 km
Orange - 35 km

This image of Le Barroux was taken from the outskirts of Caromb, the other side of the valley.


By contrast, this image was taken from a mountain trail on the le Graveyron, a small range to the west of the village.


This image, which was taken from the hills behind the village, demonstrates the dominant position the chateau holds and the awe inspiring views.



List of properties in this location :

Le Barroux

• Sleeps 8
• 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
• 8 x 5 m swimming pool
• Walking distance of village
• Catered breakfast available

Price guide: 1,529 to 3,325 € / week

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