Provence Wine tasting tours : what to do with the children?

Provence Wine tasting tours : what to do with the children?


Peak season may be over,  but should you visit Provence after “Toussaint” (1st November) the vendanges* will be truly over but you will still be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery Provence has to offer while tasting excellent wine in Caves and Caveaux. But the question many families ask themselves is: what will we do with the children? An afternoon of wine tasting isn’t exactly what they’d describe as a fun day out. won’t they be bored to death while we enjoy the local produce?

Worry not our friends at Côtes du Rhône News have a list of activities for your little ones if you’ve  forgotten colouring books and toys at home…

Inter-Rhône has designed  an activity booklet for children  called “Jeux de Raisin” which can be found in cooperative and independent caves around Provence. the contain crosswords ( a fun way to improve your French), Sudokus, colouring pages, and even an easy cooking recipe (for your junior foodie)!

Another service developing is for example Vignerons de Caractère in Vacqueyras ‘ initiative of installing a closed and secured “play space” for children with small tables and chairs, colouring pencils, balloons and even blow up structures.

In the summer, activities for children are more varied with some domains going as far as organising pony rides like for example: domaine  domaine Mourgues du Grès or the domaine Lucena

Tranlated with their permission from an article on Côtes-Du-Rhône News.


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Harvesting of wine grapes in French*

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