Travel Insurance: What our Provence Clients tell us


Travel Insurance: What our Provence Clients tell us.

More and more our clients ask us whether

they should purchase travel insurance, also

known as trip cancelation insurance.


Most villa rental companies and travel agencies recommend that their clients purchase this insurance.  We suggest several travel insurance companies but we do not endorse them and we have no relationship with them.

October, 2016, I spoke to a group of clients staying in one of our villas in St. Remy and they told me that they always buy travel insurance; the ones who travel a lot buy an annual policy since an annual policy does not always cost much more than a policy covering a single trip. The travelers who purchase the policies say that it is easy to file a claim and they are very happy with reimbursement policies.

Many travelers, including a good personal friend, recommend Travel Guard / AIG Travel (see here) Basically the traveler purchases a Gold, Platinum or Silver level policy; you can get an online quote. Then he/she can add on a “Cancel for any reason” policy if needed. You can get answers about policies 24 hours a day at: 800 826-4919

“Anne” cancelled three trips in one year when she had two hip replacements.  She said that even all “non refundable” payments were refunded. For medical cancellations the doctor sends the justification directly to the insurance company.

My good friend –and frequent traveler—Judy, wrote to me:

“I would recommend Travel Guard.  As said, I really do like them because they have paid, every time, on claims I have sent into them. You have to save receipts, flight receipts, etc, etc as they ask for a half dozen documents but they reimburse me for meds and MD appointment charges, etc.  They have definitely come through for me, over the years.”

Dawn Slieter, a Provence and Burgundy tour planner (Simply France with Dawn) who lives in North Carolina and with whom we work writes:

“I often refer my clients to TravelGuard. They are well known and reasonable. Not only can a policy cover trip cancellation but also any medical emergency including an Medical Air Flight back to the USA to a hospital of your choice. The policy price depends on your age and the cost of the trip. Full coverage policy can be several hundred dollars, however, if you are spending $5000 on a villa and another $1500 on airfare, it’s worth it.”

I spoke to an agent at Travel Guard just recently. She commented:

  • The traveler purchases a Gold, Silver or Platinum policy; this policy covers unforeseen events: sickness, injury or death; weather; strikes; requirement to work.
  • The quote is based on the state of residence, destination country, information about the trip and travelers to be covered.
  • “Trip cost” may be reimbursed up to a maximum of $100,000 depending on reason for insurance claim (e.g. trip cancellation, interruption, delay, etc.) See Schedule of Benefits.
  • The policy should be purchased in the state in which the traveler lives, and from where he/she plans to depart and then arrive back.
  • Cost of policy: can vary by state. Cost depends on age(s) of insured, cost of trip, length of trip.
  • She advises that clients read the policy carefully.
  • Traveler can add on a “Cancel for any Reason” policy. The maximum refundable amount is 50%. Reasons here would include items not covered in Section II Benefits, Trip Cancellation and Interruption, e.g to take care of a sick friend or pet.

According to the Travel Guard website, there are many problems they will cover on a trip, not just health issues. These could include: cancelation due to work requirements; air or rail strikes; help with finding an English speaking physician or a pharmacy to replace important lost/stolen medications; reimbursement of contents of stolen luggage; co-ordination of evacuation for medical emergency or natural disaster.

allianz csa travel assurance

Allianz is another reputable travel insurance company as is CSA Travel Protection.


Submitted by: Sharon deRham

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